Loan Acquisition

JV Investors Group LLC Commerical Finance

Loan Acquistions:

J V Investors Group is actively seeking opportunities to purchase
pools of performing, sub-performing commercial loans. A brief
description of our buying criteria is as follows:

Size of loan Pools:

We are looking to purchase pools of commercial loans with an
outstanding principal balance of between $1million to $500 mill.

Typical Sellers:

Most of our loan purchases occur with Regional Banks, Insurance
Companies,and Specialty Finance Companies.

Loan Criteria:

We are interested in purchasing performing, sub-performing, and
non-performing commercial loans of all types. Although most
of the loans that we purchase are secured by some form of Real
Estate, many of the loan pools that we will purchase do contain
some Unsecured Business loans, Revolving Lines of Credit secured by Accounts Recievables & Inventory and loan Participations. We our interested in purchasing large residential real estate development loans, and/or purchasing pools of consumer loans.


We are interested in purchasing loans in all 50 states.

Due Dilligence:

We start our analysis of any loan pool by requesting the seller
to provide us with a data tape detailing, among other things, the
date the loan was originated, the original principal balance, the
current principal balance, the loan’s current interest rate, the date
and amount of the last payment received, the amount of money
collected on the loan in the past 12 months, a brief description of
the borrower, the collateral securing the loan and the current
status of the loan. Upon receiving the data tape, we will quickly
determine the projected range of our bid for the loan pool.

A typical transaction takes two to four weeks to close.

Typical Purchase Our Typical purchase price for sub-performing and non Price:

performing is 25% to 60% of the current outstanding
Principal balance. A performing loan pool would likely be
priced higher.